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Server Solutions

Managed Servers, Racked and Ready to Go and Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Whether you choose to maintain control over the software environment or you want us to do it for you, Santos Technologies, Inc. provide the infrastructure and fail-safe environment for hosting your solution.  This applies to web designers, application developers, hosting resellers, and any business that demand control and wish to customize the perfect level of reliability, access and performance. The decision is yours. Whether to go with our unmanaged  or managed servers, depends on the level of control  you want and need over the software environment you use.  Our Unmanaged Dedicated Servers are fully customizable, and our Managed Private Server (MPS) and Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions are pre-configured, racked and ready for immediate provisioning and the installation of your applications. Furthermore, our VPS and MPS solutions include complete management of core services. This allows you to be worry  free about operating system updates, patches and other server maintenance.

Here is What  the Hosting Platforms from Santos Technologies, Inc. allow you to do:

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

Take Full Control Over Your IT Environment with Dedicated Servers from Santos Technologies, Inc.

Want Us to Manage
the Software
Environment Too?
Get OS updates, server software patches, upgrades and more!
Try an Managed Dedicated Server ?

If you want full control over your IT environment with guaranteed network uptime, security and performance, Santos Technologies, Inc.’s dedicated server solutions provide the protection, performance and freedom your business needs – all backed by our industry-leading SLAs, Global IP Network and award-winning support.

Dedicated Servers deliver a fail-safe environment for hosting your server or multiple servers, coupled with the freedom to control all the software, licensing and server updates yourself. For many growing businesses, dedicated servers deliver the perfect mix of protection, performance and freedom.

Santos Technologies, Inc.’s dedicated server solutions range from single server to multiple servers configurations with cost-effective packages ready for ultra-fast deployment, to highly customized and refined configurations -In every case, you have the freedom to choose your hardware configurations, operating system, core services, applications and administration tools that are right for your business.

Why Santos Technologies, Inc. is the Right Choice for your Dedicated Server Needs:
Custom, Scalable Dedicated Server Configurations — No cookie cutter offerings here. Our highly experienced, certified engineers will design a custom solution that meets your specific security, data protection, privacy, compliance and stability needs most cost-effectively. Engineers and high Level Technicians are just a phone call away.

Instant Scalability — As your needs change, Santos Technologies, Inc. will be there to add, change configuration, or consult with you about how best to evolve your dedicated server to fit your evolving business.

Guaranteed Reliability, Performance and Support — With Santos Technologies, Inc., you will have confidence and peace of mind knowing that your servers is based on the industry’s most reliable hardware platforms, housed in one of our industry leading Tier 4 Data Centers, and backed by our robust Global IP Network, 24×7x365 customer support and monitoring from inside our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center.

Managed Private Servers

Managed Servers Deliver the Power of a Dedicated Server Without the Headaches of Software, Licensing & OS Management

If you want your own private server dedicated to your business, but desire to leave the software and OS updates to someone else, Santos Technologies, Inc.’s Managed Private Servers may be the perfect fit. Managed Private Servers (MPS) give you complete flexibility to control and customize your server’s configuration with virtual root access to the OS layer where you can load applications specific to your business needs, while leaving the day to day operating system and core environment maintenance to Santos Technologies, Inc..

Managed Private Servers (MPS) are completely private, dedicated servers allocated 100% exclusively to you. You won’t share resources with other users, which gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect blend of administrative control and sophisticated technology needed to host your application.

We Manage the Hardware Details and Server Administration

Unlike a simple dedicated server solution, when you choose a Santos Technologies, Inc. MPS solution we handle the day-to-day system administration like OS updates, server software patches and upgrades, basic security tasks and backups. This leaves you free to focus on building and delivering your applications and business, not your server

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Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers for Economical Hosting of Applications, Ecommerce, and Robust Websites

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) deliver reliability and predictable performance with private resources dedicated to your partition of the server. Each VPS includes it’s own file system, processes, users, applications and resource allocations, plus root access. This gives you complete control of the applications, while Santos Technologies, Inc.’s experts handle the day-to-day system administration like OS and core services management, system and security monitoring and triple data backup.

Virtual Servers also provide a great testing environment for new products and applications. You can confirm that your applications are functioning as expected before loading to a customer site or managed server. Or develop beta IPv6 technologies with our Free BSD Virtual Private Server.

When to Choose a Santos Technologies, Inc. VPS Solution:

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IPv6 Solutions

Begin Testing Compliance Today with Santos Technologies, Inc.’s IPv6 Compatible Hosting Solutions

IPv6 is the “next generation” internet protocol designed by the IETF to replace the current IP Version 4 addressing. Santos Technologies, Inc. through its partnership with Santos Technologies, Inc. is leading the way with this integration which includes enhancements to address availability, routing and auto-configuration. Our commitment to remaining at the forefront of hosting technologies is a primary focus for us, and ensures that we continue to provide the best hosting solutions available for our SMB customers.

While many large organizations will be required to be IPv6 compliant by 2010, setting up testing environments today can make for a seamless conversion to this expanded new protocol. Should you want to take advantage of development lead time, Santos Technologies, Inc. is leading the implementation of hosting solutions with IPv6 technology available today.

Support Both IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses and Services Today

IPv6 compatible Virtual Private Server and Managed Private Server products running the FreeBSD operating system are available from our San Jose, California and Sterling Virginia data centers - with an IPv6 address available at no additional charge. These solutions utilize a dual-stack architecture enabling you to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and services simultaneously.